B.Ed College


Our institution has opened up the windows on knowledge by setting up a well equipped computer laboratory which assists trainees to keep pace with the current changing roles of the teacher in this technology driven educational scenario. The institution has a full-fledged computer laboratory with LAN and 24 hours uninterrupted Internet connection. The laboratory is equipped with Scanner, CD writer and other equipments which are effectively utilized by the faculty as well as students to make their teaching learning process and research effective. Open access to online research based journals is provided to the students to equip them with the skills of conducting research.

The institution optimally utilizes the Psychology Laboratory which has various standardized intelligence tests, aptitude, creativity tests and also interest, adjustment and personality inventories which prove to be beneficial to the M Ed and the PhD students in their endeavours related to psychological constructs. In addition to this, the institute is equipped with the requisite equipments required for conducting the various psychology experiments for B Ed students.

The language lab is a technological break for imparting skill in English. The digital language lab motivates students’ learning attitude and provides an interactive learning environment. The Muslim College of Education language laboratory serves the purpose of language learning and teaching needs of the pre-service teachers. The institute has a Digital Language Learning Lab. Language teachers operate it in an effective way to develop and refine the language skills of our pre-service teachers. The language lab has its own software packages for training pre-service teachers.

Language lab provides tremen dous scope and opport unities for teaching and learning of the essentials related to the acquisition of basic skills, understanding and application of a new language. This feature enables downloading of the recorded lesson from the teacher's console. The student can listen to the native speaker's lessons and pronunciations through video clippings. He has provision to type the text material on the screen. He has can also repeat the lesson assigned by the linguist, record and replay. Continuous repetition of the correct pronunciation gives fluency. This paves way to excellent communication. The Teacher console provides information of students. The teacher in charge is available during college hours for student consultation. The services of the language laboratory is also open to the sister institutes. Last year, English method students made use of the language lab for training vernacular medium students in acquiring the verbal skills necessary for effective communication. Vernacular medium pre-service teachers can really benefit from it and the basic conversational skills help them to face job interviews.

This lab was created in 2009. It has arrangements for doing science experiments. There are cupboards for storing various models, equipments and teaching aids. This room has provision for displaying all the teaching resources of the institute. Students utilize these resources and also generate new resources during various club activities. Every year the teaching resources made by students are added to this lab

The Language Laboratory was set up in the year 2003. The Language Laboratory became functional from January 2013 under the guidance of Mrs Razia, Assistant Professor in English. The objective of the language laboratory is to develop and refine the language skills of our students. It has its own software packages for training the students. The teacher in charge is available during college hours for student consultation and to conduct ongoing courses. Every year during the month of July, special training in “Commu -nication Skills and Personality Development” has been given. Participants have the opportunity not only to enhance their language skills, but also to develop soft skills. Students are urged to use this facility which would enable them to acquire the verbal skills necessary for effective communication.

Our college has a full-fledged library and Information Centre with all the modern facilities like Computer aided information retrieval and Reprographic Services, including printer and internet facilities. The Library has a collection of nearly 8000 books and about 500 periodical archives, 200 international dissertations and 255 CDs in the thrust areas of various subjects. The library has about 285 international journals. The Library also provides information and guidance regarding electronic journals and online information retrieval to the interested readers. The Library caters to the needs of 160 regular users in the college which include faculty, M.Phil. & M.Ed. Scholars, B.Ed. Teacher- Trainees and B.Sc.B.Ed. students. It also provides information service to the P.G students, Research scholars and teachers from the neighbouring academic institutions and colleges. The Library is open on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. The library has to its stack B.Ed. and M.Ed. books. To supplement this knowledge our library has a depository of International journals, EBSCO and N-List Database of full-text journal with E-Books, Encyc -lopedia, Dictionaries, Year Books and new pearls in the form of new books are added frequently.;'

Library works and duties

  • All teacher trainees are expected to use the library regularly
  • Teacher trainees are allowed to borrow only two books at a time and retain them for a period of one week.
  • The librarian has the right to call for a book borrowed by any member even before the expiry of normal period of one week.
  • Reference books should not be taken out of the library.
  • If the borrowed books are not returned to the library on the stipulated date , a fine of Rs 1 per day will be charged.
  • Indifference towards any subject, discourtesy towards any member of the staff, or any act, which affects the discipline of the College will be viewed seriously.
  • Books borrowed shall be kept neatly. Avoid marking, underlining or defacing the books.
  • If books are lost, damaged, or badly handled, their full cost with the fine will be levied from the borrower. The decision of the Principal in this matter shall be final and binding.
  • Library books will be issued from 8.30 am to 5 pm.
  • All books borroweshould be returned to the library before one month of the final examination.

There is a well-equipped store working in the campus. It supplies quality note books and stationery items at reasonable rate for the teacher-trainees. Facility is available for taking Photostat copies.

The college has one A/c multipurpose hall with a seating capacity of 200. It is used for conducting orientation programmes, co-curricular activities, workshops, seminars, conducting examinations, leading guest lecturers, as a method laboratory and also as a common room.

B.Ed College