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History of the College

Greetings from Muslim College of Education The last thirty-seven years have been witnessing unparcelled growing in the, educationally backward village of Thiruvithancode. The driving force behind this envious achievement has been the committed and most tiringtoils of THE MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (MES)No1 NEW STREET, THIRUVITHANCODE, KANNIYAKUAMRI DISTRICT, TAMILNADU 629174. The Muslim Educational Society (MES)founded in 1981with a laudable aim of fulfilling a long felt need of the minority Muslim community of Kanniyakumari district. In the year 1982 the MES started an Arts and Science College of their own in the name of MUSLIM ARTS COLLLEGE. The College was founded in after seeking permission from the Govt of Tamil Nadu and Madurai Kamaraj University. At present the Muslim Arts College has 18-degreecourses in various arts and science streams. It has 12 P.G courses and 8 M. Phil. Courses. Tamil, English, Physics and Zoology Departments have PhD centers.

THE MUSLIM COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, No1 NEW STREET, THIRUVITHANCODE, KANNIYAKUAMRI DISTRICT, TAMILNADU 629174 an institution dedicated to the cause of learning, research and development, was the dream project of the Muslim Educational Society(MES), was started with the patronage of Lion. Dr. H. Mohamed Ali, the Secretary of the College and the general secretary of Muslim Educational Society. The institution got its inception in the field of education in the year 2007 with 100 B.Ed students.. The institution was started with the permission from Govt.of Tamil Nadu and NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education New Delhi). In 2008 the institution got permission to start M.Ed. course. The institution was accredited with ‘B’Grade by the NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (NAAC) of the UGC.New Delhi.

In 2014 the institution got permission to start M. Phil course in Education, with 20 full- time candidates. Our institution is the only institution in Kanyakumari District having 20 full-time candidates for M. Phil Education.The college has successfully completed a decade of service and development activities and embarked upon the new vistas to lighten the lamp of knowledge. We pay tribute to the many who directly or indirectly made their contributions to rise the standard of the College.Our vision is to be a “Centre of Excellence” in the fields of Teaching, Learning, Research and Outreach programs.Our mission is to enable our Teacher –Trainees and Research Scholars acquire academic competence, sound knowledge and skill in teaching and outreach programscoupled with international and interdisciplinary perspective.

Besides academic programmes the college offers Add on programmes like Personality enrichment programmes, Yoga, Ornamental Decoration, Fruits and Vegetable carving.As a part, of academic excellence, the college started a peer -reviewed bi annual journal in 2013 with the ISSN 2348-8409.Researchers, academicians, educators, and other professionals contribute their research findings, views, interpretations, suggestions and recommendations in this journal. Certainly, the journal acts as a platform for intellectual quickening.Realising the potential of journal in research and extension, the college started an international journal titled “International journal of Perspectives in Education” with the ISSN 2456-3412the releasing of the first volume of the international journal will occur today.The IQAC gives owed importance of academic excellence. Now a day the whole world is getting advanced every second of time. Every day starts with something new and everything is getting advanced and on the forward move. Lots of researches and studies are carried out in various subjects all throughout the world. These updates on various fields cannot be included in the curriculum. There should be a platform, at least once in a year, for discussing these sweeping changes. This is where the conferences become significant.

Realizing the feasibility of starting integrated courses- the National Council for Teacher Education granted permission to start a four year integrated B.AB..Ed./ B.Sc.B.Ed integrated course for the academic year 2017-2018. Only four Colleges of Education in Tamil Nadu got such a credential status. This onward march of progress is the result of the tireless efforts of faculty and management. The college is governed by Lion Dr. H Mohamed Ali. His dream of higher education, experience and expectations in this field and immeasurable support to faculty are the driving forces in the onward march of progress.

B.Ed College